The Best New Blonde Hair Colour Ideas for Girls

If you are planning to change your look for this year, you should definitely check out our new collection. It has Best Shades of Blonde Hair Colour Ideas for you.

Dying your hair means adding an effort to your everyday look. Women of all types, ages and colour complexions can try these shades and make their hair look trendy and stylish.

1. Light Brown Blonde

Light Brown Blonde Hair Colour To Try Now

Many women want to dye their hair but something stops them. Reason being they want their hair colour to be dark but want some blonde style as well.

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Light brown is a new blonde hair colour idea in the fashion market that has stroked many women’s hearts. This is a combination of light brown hair shade with blonde highlights on the top followed to the back.

2. Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde Hairstyles & Hair Colour

Golden blonde has always been inn in the hair fashion world. This blonde hair colour idea fits perfectly on brides and is a combination of honey and golden colour. A variety of hairstyles look gorgeous because of the different tones pinned and folded into one another.

3. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour Ideas & Styles

If you have short hair and are willing to dye, strawberry shade is the best blonde hair colour idea for you. With this hair, you will not need makeup since it gives a stylish look to you overall. A light colour or nude lipstick will totally give you a natural look.

4. Black Blonde

Black Blonde Hair Colour

If you have beautiful jet black hair, little highlights is the best blonde hair colour idea that will give you a natural hot look. The tips of your hair should be fully dipped into blonde shade. You can show off the tips by making a bun.

5. Dark Ash Blonde

Dark Ash Blonde Hair Colour Styles

This is a stylish Blonde Hair Colour idea that starts off as natural and is slowly toned into a lighter shade followed by blonde tips. It gives a stylish look and if you are a woman who likes to leave her hair open all the time, this is definitely your hair colour.

6. Bright Blonde

Bright Blonde Hair Colour Look for Ladies

If your skin complexion is lightest of the light and coloured eyes, then bright blonde will totally suit you. This is plain blonde hair with honey brown highlights from the inside. When your hair blows on windy streets or at the beach, it will give a natural yet classy look.

7. California Blonde

California Blonde Hair Colour Trends

This blonde hair colour idea is natural from the top and is followed by blonde shade.Various hairdos go with this shade as it gives a texture and layer to your hair and enhances it beauty. Curls, braids and twisted hair look gorgeous with this shade.

These are the best blonde hair colour ideas that will change your look and give you more reasons to take your pictures. Whether you have long hair or Short Hair, choose any shade and try it. You can ask your hair dresser to help you choose the best one that will suit you.

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