Best Short Black Hairstyles – Stylish and Sophisticated

Short haircuts are no doubt an excellent choice. However, it is not easy to maintain them since many women think otherwise. It doesn’t matter how short your hair is, the key is to take care of them and make beautiful hairstyles.

 From mini Afros, pixie cuts and bold bobs, there is a long list of hairstyles that you can wear each day. For your convenience, we have narrowed down the 8 Best Short Black Hairstyles for you that are stylish and sophisticated at the same time.

1. Temple Shave Pixie

Temple Shave Pixie Short Haircuts for Girls

Temple shave pixie is a edgy, short hairstyle with a side fridge that is smoothly combed forward style on one side. The other side is cut in a way that it appears faded. This short black hairstyle gives a fabulous chic impression. Applying glitter on eyes with a winked eyeliner can make you a showstopper easily!

2. Feathered Pixie

Feathered Pixie Short Black Hair

Whether curly or straight, this short black hairstyle adds an absolute gorgeousness to your overall look. The hair is cut into layers to the top. Wear a mascara and a red lipstick to enhance your features. A choker or necklace will definitely up your game!

3. Middle Parted Bob

Middle Parted Short Bob Haircuts for Today

A middle parted hairstyle is retro. However, a sleek bob is easy to manage and will give your face a symmetrical shape. Comb your hair at the back of your ear and show your diamond earrings off!

4. A Side Swept Pixie

Side Swept Pixie Short Hair for Celebrities

If you have dyed your hair, what are you waiting for? Get a short black hairstyle with dark brown highlights. A little volume on top with side bangs will look chic.

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5. Curls and Bangs

Curls and Bangs Black Hairstyles & Haircuts

Are you thinking of a hairstyle to pull off on your first date? This a perfect combination as curls are bangs go side by side. If you have a short black hairstyle with bangs, you don’t have to do anything. Just curl your hair, part your bangs on one side and you are all set to throw a confident impression.

6. Ringlets

Ringlets Black Short Hairstyles & Cuts

Ringlets are different from curls. Ringlets that just fall on the shoulder looks gorgeous. Use a dry shampoo or leave in conditioner to keep them from soft and smooth. You can pin it up with bobby pins and a hair spray at the end will finish your final look.

7. Mini Afro

Mini Afro Black Haircuts

Afros are considered to be of all lengths, long, short and medium. An Afro doesn’t really have to be big to be beautiful. If you can pull off an Afro, short black hairstyle will be worthwhile to try. A plus is that short Afros are easier to handle than long and medium ones.

8. Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut Hair for Short Hairstyle

There was a time when bowl cuts were every woman’s hairstyle. This is a bold short black hairstyle that everyone can’t pull off, however, if you have straight silky hair, this is totally your type. A messy and imperfect look with a glittery lipstick can give you a modern touch.

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