7 Easy Updos for Long Hair to Create in 2020

Buns! They never go out of fashion. No matter which event you are heading to, no matter which colour and outfit you are wearing and no matter how lazy you feel for a perfect hairdo, buns will always be eternal.

Here are 7 types of updos for long hair that are simple, classy and takes no less than 5 minutes. The only key is to have a lot of different types of bobby pins and a nice hair spray.

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Chestnut Bun

Chestnut Bun for long hair

This is the type of bun which can be worn at both casual and formal events. Begin by parting your hair from the front and twisting them from the sides. The make a bun and pin it up with fancy bobby pins.

Messy Milkmaid

Messy Milkmaid Bun for long hair

Another type of updo for your long hair is messy milkmaid. Leave little amount of hair from the front, part the rest and make braids at each side. Then pin your braids above the ears like a crown. Curl the hair that you left in the front and you are all set to go.

Undone updo

Undone updo for long hair

This is an absolute classy type of hairdo. Start by backcombing your hair. Then, leave some hair in the front and make a bun by twisting your hair. Pin it on one side and accessorize your hair simply by pinning up a red flower on the other side.

Topsy-turvy Top-knot

Topsy-turvy Top-knot bun for long hair

This is a simple yet glamorous up-do. To try this, make a high pony-tail on the top of your head and lock it with a band. Twist and wrap the pony-tail and pin it up firmly. It will look a little messy and that is the style of it. Make sure to leave some hair from the front to give your face a frame.

Messy Headband Updo

Messy Headband Updo for long hair

Does your long hair keep coming on your face whether you are walking down the windy streets or spending your day at the beach? This is the easiest updo for these type of situations.

Wear a headband and simply twist your hair on one side on the ear. A sparkly and pretty headband would pay off the feminine look.

Updo with side Bangs

Updos with side bangs for long hair

This gives a perfect retro look to your face. Simply twist your hair and make a bun on the top of your head leaving some bangs. This updo works amazingly for long hair but make sure to pin it up properly. You can use fancy bobby pins to give a chic look.

 Tuck and Roll

Tuck and Roll updo for long hair

This is the most creative type of updo for long hair. To begin with, make a low pony-tail and separate the hair from the base to make a pocket. Make sure while separating, you do not have to make a hole. Then, hold your pony-tail and tuck it into the pocket and pin it. Repeat until secured. You can also twist your hair from the front to give a stylish look.

Try these types of updos for long hair for a week and give yourself a different look each day. Not only your long hair would make you feel comfortable but your friends and colleagues will also adore you for your creativity and styles!

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