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Fashion means clothing according to the popular style or latest trend followed by the community. Fashion also depicts the culture of the specific region. In the 20th century fashion has become the largest business of the world. It is the second biggest business in the NEW YORK.

Women are adopting fashion in an experimental way, they wants to experiment different styles and looks to groom their personality according to the trends. By nature, men and women love to adopt every modern fashion.

In true sense, AMERICAN fashion began in 19th century.  Americans developed their taste of fashion from the major fashion cities like PARIS and LONDON when the people from Europe and England established their colonies. Clothing style of both men and women was changed.

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For Men’s fashion there was no need of a big wardrobe, only four main styles of coats were essential consisted of a sack suit, overcoat, frock coat and dress coat. Sack suit was mostly used by the business man. Sack suit was very popular in early 1880s.

Fashion was keep on changed decade to decade. United States has regional clothing styles like western wear. After the popularity of blue Jeans many American teenagers adopted to wear Blue jeans after a century. Now it is wear by the people of every continent.

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Another type of clothing wear by many people of United States is T-shirt. These shirts contain funny messages and different logos of the company.

There is a new trend of wearing organic cotton T-shirts in the United States. Men also wear T-Shirt with shorts and Jeans. As well as Women also use to wear skirts with T-Shirts.

Clothing in the United States also depends on the different factors and situations including location and venue. Blue Jeans is a consistent fashion in the United States.

Different Americans belonging to different ethnic groups such as Native American Tribal members and people of Scottish descent use to wear clothing to represent their ethnic identity at certain events.

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Hair styling is also a part of Fashion. In United States different people have different hair style. Some women have short hair and some have long hair. Women like to dye their hair according to mood and trend. Men also dye their hair according to the Fashion.

Footwear is also a part of fashion. In United States some women use to wear High Heal long shoes with the skirts. They wear joggers with the jeans. Men also wear joggers and leather shoes with the formal suits.

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The Women of United States wear goggles of different styles and colors. They use to wear small tops in their ear. They wear different style bangles in their hand.

The use of stylish bags and small cloches is common in United States. Piercing and engraving tattoos on different part of their body, is also very popular among men and women.

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