Unique Hairstyles for Thick Hair You Must Try in 2020

We know the number of brushes you have broken, number of hours you have spent waiting for your hair to dry and number of minutes it takes for you to style them. These are no doubt the struggles every woman goes through and is tired of it. Sometimes, they chop their hair off wondering they would let go off the hassle, however, that’s not the case.

Either you have long hair or short, maintaining them is the key. Here are some unique hairstyles for thick hair that can save your brushes and time along with making you look gorgeous!

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Long and simple layers

Long layers for thick hair

If you have thick long hair, it means you have the capability to take maintain them. If you think you cannot handle them because they come on your face when you are working or driving.

Cutting them into layers is a usual hairstyle for thick hairthat can be taken care of very easily. The short layers can be pinned up leaving the long hair open. Dying your hair can add a nice texture to your look.

Bob Haircut

Bob cut hairstyle for thick hair

All the hairdressers believe to chop women’s hair into bob only if their hair is thick. So, if you have thick hair and want to chop them off, a bob-cut is best for you. This hairstyle for thick hair is especially for women over 60.

They like to wear jewelry and maintaining hair for them becomes handful. To cut the slack, a bob-cut can be tried which will make them look much younger and stylish.

Ponytail for Thick Hair

Ponytail for Thick Hair

Ponies give a girly look, whether you have long hair or short. The whole bunch of hair that is collected into a pony-tail is a classy hairstyle for thick hair. Having said that, if you have bangs or fringes in the front, you can always make a pouf or pin them up.

For a band, you can wrap your hair round the pony-tail which will work as a band itself and have a tight grip of it. You can add some glitter on the top of the pony-tail to give yourself a glamorous look.

Half Updo

Half updo for thick hair

Why not be creative and make a half up-do? No matter what length your hair is, a half up-do is one of the best hairstyles for thick hair. It makes your life easy and can make you look gorgeous at the same time.

If you don’t have bangs, you can collect your hair from the top-front taking them to the back and pinning them up. Sparkly long earrings can enhance your look. You can also curl your hair at different events.

Thick Braids

Thick Braids for Long Hair

Thick braids are eye-catching and attention grabbing. It is a beautiful hairstyle for thick hair that can give you a creative look in less than five minutes. You can either collect all your hair on a whole or make two braids on the sides with middle parting. A messy thick braid at times can also win over your looks.

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