Modish Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair You Should Try Now

Is your hair too long or too short for any stylish hairstyle that you dream to wear? Well, if that is the case, grow your hair to shoulder length. Having said that, congratulations! Women who can manage a Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair, you can try out every type of hairstyle that is known for its existence.

Whether your hair is straight or curly, after reading about the gorgeous hairstyles that you can pull off with your hair, we are sure you will be heading to a salon soon!

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Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part Medium Length Hairstyles

Do you have thick long hair that keep coming on your face? The best trick is to chop them to medium length hair and part them on either side. This will gives a stylish trendy look. Leave your hair open as they are. Wear a red lipstick and mascara to enhance your features.

Full Curls

Full Curls Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Some people keep their hair long because of its thinness. A good tip to cut them as a hairstyle for medium length hair curls them with some backcombing. This would make your hair look thicker along with giving you a new look for the event you are heading to.

Side Braid

Side Braid Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Thin hair or Thick Hair – side braids are just love. They make you look younger and sophisticated. When your hair is tied up in a braid, it will not be a hassle to handle them, especially at outdoor events. Tie a matching or contrast knot with a ribbon or a fancy band to show your braid off!

Clipped Back Curls

Clip Back Medium Haircuts & Hairstyles

Curls are always gorgeous as a hairstyle for medium length hair. However if you pair it up with a twisty pinned up bunch of hair clipped back leaving the curls open on both sides. You can utilize funky clips for pinning up or just hide the pin under the curls to give a flowy impression.

Ponytails on Sides

Side Ponytail Medium Length Hairstyles

Why is it that we often think two ponytails are only for little girls? NO, it is not. You can tie a neutral colored ponytail on both sides to give yourself a fresh and simple look.

It’s cute for when you are going to college or school and even to work where your dress code is casual. However, this hairstyle for medium length hair looks cuter.

Half up, Half Down

Half up Half Down Hairstyle for Shoulder Length

This is mostly every girl’s favorite hairstyle for medium length hair. It gives you a choice of tying along with opening your hair. First side part your hair. Then, tie a twisted braid or just twist them from the sides and pin it up to the back lower part of your head.

Leave the other bunches open to give a formal and gorgeous look. This gives an elegant look and also saves you from the hassle of worrying about your hair.

These are unique and glamorous hairstyles for medium length hair that are absolutely worth a shot! Wear some light makeup and a soft fragrance that will add up with your chosen hairstyle. These are just 5 minute hairdos that will not take much of your time. Try and surprise yourself!

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