Superb Medium Length Layered Haircuts & Images for 2020

Layers are magical! Whether you have thick hair or thin, medium length layered haircut is the best choice for you because it adds volumes. Being busy in the modern life is usual, however, women not taking care of their hair is not.

Every woman wants to look well-groomed to fit in the society but time becomes a major issue. For your ease, we have chosen the best type of medium length layered haircuts that will bring your face into shape. There are many hair colors and styles that can enhance your look.

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The Bedhead

bedhead Medium length layered haircut

The bedhead is a medium length layered haircut that adds volume and depth into your hair. Bangs and fringes can also be a part of bedhead. Simple blonde highlights and a good blow dry can enhance your look or dying your hair from the ends create a nice flow to hair. The ends of your haircut can be flicked and choppy which will define your hair better.

Blunt Bob

Blunt bob is flattering for any face shape. It is styled into a medium length layered haircut which has blunt edges. Being cut into layers adds volume to the top of the head followed by less volume at the ends.

You can part your hair from the middle or from wither sides for a different look. Pinning them up into a half up-do or making a bun looks gorgeous on this haircut.

Curly Volume

Curly Volume Medium layered haircut

For women who have curly hair, this is a medium length layered haircut with volume and depth with side swept bangs. You can make different hairstyles with this cut. Braids, pony-tail and a bun will look flattering and give a shape to your face.

The essential key is to remember that curly hair, when dried is shorter than when it is wet. So, measure and be attentive while getting a curly volume haircut.

Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob Medium layered haircut

Inverted bobs area great idea for medium length layered haircuts. It is shoulder length from the front which gives a nice shape to the face and shorter from the back with layers. Dark highlights are eye-skimming on this haircut. Women who work in corporate organizations can go for this style since it complements the dresses and suits they wear.

French Twist

French Twist Medium layered haircut

French twist is one of the gorgeous medium length layered haircuts that gives a flattering look on any women’s face. With bangs and low highlights, this haircut can be rocked at any event.

The short layers can be pinned with backcombing and leaving the long ones opened. A dark lipstick and sparkly jewellery can complete your look for a formal event.

These are the best haircuts any women can show their off their looks with. Generally, medium length layered haircuts are the most popular since they are easy to handle and have many ways to style them. For any woman who is under or over 50 with any type of complexion, can choose one of the above and have all eyes on them.

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