Top 5 Mid Length Hairstyles to try this year!

Aren’t Mid Length Haircuts the Best? Neither too short nor too long, just the absolute ideal length that is easy to handle and style every day. It is every woman’s dream to look perfect any time and any day despite the weather outside.

Keeping your hair in good condition can be a hassle. It is important to have a haircut every eight to ten weeks. Here are ultimate 5 medium length haircuts that behave well under any circumstances.

1. Layered Medium Bob

Layered Medium Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles

If you have thick hair, layered medium bob is perfect for you. This imposing haircut compliments your jawline and cheekbones. The feathered mid length haircut is such that it doesn’t leave the forehead being ignored.

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You can totally curl them, straighten them or leave them how they are naturally. The plus point is that it makes your face a thinner impression than usual.

2. Sleek Bob with Bangs

Perfect Sleek Bob with Bangs Style for Celebrity Girls

Some of us have a broad forehead and thin hair. Don’t worry, growing your hair long does not really help. This mid length haircut is oh-so right for you and your hair.

The bangs changes the shape of your face and acts like a frame for your face. The trendy sleek bob with bangs aren’t handful and can be taken good care of in less than five minutes.

3. Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers for Shoulder length Hairstyles for Girls

If you are sick of the same length of your hair and want to be a little creative, try a haircut with choppy layers. It is mid length haircut with layers which gives a pretty young look.

It is fun experimenting different types of hairstyles as it gives a messy look if you make an up-do for a girls’ night out and a dramatic look if you pin them for a wedding.

4. A V-cut

V Cut Hairstyle for the Current Year

Sometimes, you get late for work or for a commitment you made. Hairdos can take hell a lot of time. A V-cut is shorter from the front and longer till mid length from the back and thus, it forms a V shape.

This V-cut is perfect if you are a working woman. You can complete your tasks without stressing over your hair. Most importantly, taking care of a V-cut is easier than worrying about your tasks.

5. Mid-cut with Curtain Bangs

Get yourself a haircut with curtain bangs to compliment your forehead. You can swipe your bangs at either side or just leave them as they are. This mid length haircut makes your face to appear smaller.

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You can make any type of hairdo and look beautiful whether you pull your bangs up and pin them or style them as they are.

These are the best and most impressive picked out haircuts for you to try this year. Don’t worry too much, play with them by being creative, dye your hair, curl, straighten, pin and accessorize them.

You don’t even have to wash them every day. Just use a dry shampoo and no one will ever know!

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